Why Entrepreneurs are Happiest People on Earth

Whenever we think about starting up our own business, there are two major ideas which come in our mind, either a lot of investment and risk or doing what you love. Basically the idea depends on the mindset of the person who is thinking to start a project.

The people who always tend to revolve their thoughts around negativity, will only be able to think about the risks and shortcomings mainly while positive and happy people will think about the positive aspects.


I am a person who believes more on positive thinking and becoming risk taker instead of becoming risk averse. Yes I do agree, starting up your business carries a lot of work and hassle with it and it’s certainly not an easy job at all.

But the kind of pleasure entrepreneurship gives to a person can simply not be compared to any paid job in the world.  Yes, there are people who are lucky and they end up finding the jobs they love. I mean it’s pretty cool.

But recently studies have found out that ‘Entrepreneurs are the Happiest people on earth’. The main finding actually came through the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global Report.

Now lets dig out more to find out what this report actually tells…

We will actually be discussing some valid points which prove how entrepreneurs are becoming the happiest people on the planet. So stick with us to know the major facts!

1. Innovation- Driven Economies:

As we all know that innovation has become the key to success. This world is now realizing the importance of innovation and development. Economies are focusing more on creating new needs and new products which are essential for the overall economic growth.

Entrepreneurship and innovative ideas are the major parts of this new economy style. Innovation-driven economies are giving a rise to the living standards and productivity as well. Studies have found out that all the economies which are focusing on research & development tend to innovate more and become far more productive than otherwise.

If we look at necessity-driven economies, we will get to know that the level of productivity and innovation is limited and people tend to work at the same level of ideas as they are doing since past so many years.

Other economies like factor-driven economies or investment-driven economies also behave entirely different with different goals and aims.

The best part is that innovation-driven economies make these entrepreneurs much more active, far-sighted and practical. We have often heard the phrase ‘out of the box’, that is what this kind of framework does. Eventually this out of the box thinking makes one more active in his work which then brings a natural contentment and happiness to a person.

2. Self- Satisfaction:

Another great thing about entrepreneurship is that it brings a lot of self-satisfaction. Besides than working on something innovation, entrepreneurship also gives you a satisfaction of working on something of your own. Creating a product and building it solely with your own ideas.

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People who are creative, innovative and very confident would love to do this because they live it when their own ideas come into shape and they see them influencing people in actual.

When you are building your own product, you are a risk-taker, you are more patient, you are more productive and you are more enthusiastic.


Because you are working towards your own motives and you are actually doing what you love to do.

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3. Work-life Balance:

Entrepreneurs are happiest for another big reason. They are able to handle their affairs on their own, not being bound or not being restricted by other people.

This factor makes them master their craft within their own comfort. They can also create their schedule according to their own convenience. So what do you think is the major benefit of this ease and freedom?

Yes, you got it right!

It is the Work-life balance that has been highly talked about these days. Professionals are not able to find the balance between their two major domains of life and that has been badly disturbing the course of life these people are having.

Work-life balance allows you to enjoy both your personal life and work life in a much better way and to be able to designate the required time to each domain.

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4. Countries which Enjoy Entrepreneurship the Most:

Now we will be discussing some solid examples of countries that are doing great and becoming the happiest when it comes to pursuing entrepreneurship.

Recent articles show that entrepreneurs in countries like North America, Latin America, Switzerland, Netherlands and Singapore showed their well-being and contentment to be the highest.

Yes, it has to be admitted that different countries will produce different results and these countries show that entrepreneurs are the the happiest people their.

Now there can be different factors contributing to the happiness but yes this can be used as an example to what we are claiming in this particular article today.

Now in these studies where we came out with these countries as the happiest, we observed that the most widely used answers had self satisfaction and sense of achievement as being the happiest person. So we can clearly say that achievements and contentment makes a person happier in general.

As it turns out,

Entrepreneurship can give you a lot of self- satisfaction and sense of achievement. So all those people holding back to start their own startup and doing what they actually want, should come out of their shells and think of actually pursuing their ideas and aims.

Because this is the time and it would not come again. Do what you love. Do what you want. Yes it might be sounding very cliche but I must tell you sometime the most cliched stuff is what you want to actually opt for. And being unique or different does not make you win all the time.

As they say…

“We only regret the chances we did not take.”

So you better take the risk NOW instead of regretting LATER.

Today, in this topsy turvy world of hassle, happiness is what everybody is looking for. So why not achieve that with some productivity and benefit as well. In fact today there are studies which show that women entrepreneurs are the happiest of all. So you better go and check why here at “Why women entrepreneurs are happier than male entrepreneurs

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