6 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Follow This Year

With the beginning of this new year, we should all gear up with some new and fresh strategies as well. What say?

Isn’t should be the case?

Of course, to take a fresh start, you should renew all your strategies and make a fantastic list of trends that you need to follow this year.

You simply cannot do your best without following the recent trends. And as we have heard a lot about the evolving trends in the digital worlds, it has become a must to follow the Digital Marketing Trends of 2017.

And for this purpose, in this post today I have lined up some great trends which need to be followed by all the digital marketeers out there.

Here You Go With Six Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Follow This Year:

1. Video Marketing:

With the passage of time, video marketing has become as important as any other visual content. In previous times people focused a lot on usage of images in the content. Yes, images still hold a lot of importance in every kind of marketing.

But we have recently seen an emerging trend of videos. Almost all of the marketeers are using videos on:

  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Email Marketing

Studies show that by putting videos on landing pages, marketeers nearly get 80% of conversions.

Another research shows that 75% of the internet traffic will brought be the videos in 2017.

Now who can stop focusing on video marketing by looking at these stats. It has become obvious that the survival is in doubt if we do not follow the trend. So just gear up, contact the best videographers and start rolling up.

2. Content Marketing:

Readers spend 37 seconds on a new page on average. Now this is the time span when you have to compel and grab the reader. And to attract these readers, you have to create some strong and quality content.

Trust me, it is all about content now. Be it your blog content, web content, email content or the visual content. Content brings in the most conversions for every kind of business. It is the way you reach out to your customers. So we better focus on grabbing the customers with some magical words.

According to researches, 56% of the digital marketers believe that using personalized content brings in more engagement than anything else.

So just make sure your content is fresh, updated, attention-grabbing and full of insights.

3. Email Marketing:

Another domain in which you need to be an expert is Email Marketing. Now this might sound a bit old and over rated but trust me, if you use the right way to do it, you are going to double your conversions.

This right way is basically email automation. The automated process allows all B2B and B2C companies to do great. In fact studies show 95% of the companies take advantage of email automation.

Now what you have to keep in mind is to make your emails compelling enough to be opened. The emails with videos and captivating marketing campaigns have a high click-through rate.

Also remember to make your emails mobile-friendly because 53% of the emails are opened from mobiles today.

4. Viral marketing:

Viral Marketing is mix of content marketing and social media marketing. Basically in this type of marketing, you create things which go viral and boost your brand recognition. This will include all the forums along with emails, word of mouth and everything that can convey about your brand presence.

Gaining more click rates, more traffic, more viewers and eventually more conversions is the target. Content is the main object which will drive this marketing campaign. The brands need to craft a post every month which has an ability to go viral.

You can always use the social media marketing tools which help you make these posts viral. The plus point is that every post which has something grabbing goes viral today. People love liking and sharing great stuff on their social media profiles.

So grab those audience and take advantage of the excessive sharing and uploading.

5. Snapchat:

Now we will talk about the growing social networking app, ‘Snapchat’. Snapchat has literally taken over all the other social networking apps these days. People go crazy snapchatting all the time. Statistics show that around 60% of the total users daily put up content on snapchat.

They think it has advantage of making memories which fade away in a day. The videos and filters allow users to create very interesting stories which the viewers love to see and be updated all the time.

These full day stories covering everything you do does not even bother the users because they are temporary. Plus the mood of the app is such that people do not get tired of looking at the stories instead they enjoy staying updated all the time.

Snapchat’s geofilters create great opportunities for brand to exhibit any message or even their log on it and create more awareness and publicity among the users. This app gives a fantastic place for sellers and buyers to connect and be direct with each other.

Marketers can get a wide range of customers on this forum because all the millennials and a chunk Generation X use Snapchat which is the main market for the brands.  

Here is How You Can Use These Snapchat Geofilters.

6. Instagram:

Instagram is gaining more popularity as well. Instagram has also been very famous for exhibiting brands and sponsoring pages on its forum. Companies are paying to get sponsored as well.

Check out these 17 Best Brands which have a presence at Instagram.

These apps have given marketeers a totally a new set of targets and markets to follow. The marketing cycle has become easier but very fast pace. eMarketers are predicting that Instagram will add around 29.6% of the users from 2016-2010, which is a higher percentage than any other social media platform.

This current and predicted presence of users really grab all the brands to have  a presence on instagram otherwise they will miss out on a great chance to market.

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As it turns out,

These are six digital marketing trends which you should definitely follow this year because I bet you that they would give you an amazing edge over rest of the market.

You see, the competition is tough and you have to be in the trend to be in the market, otherwise you will simply lose your place.

So some major trends which you need to follow are the video, content, emails, social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

It would be simply awesome if we could get some more options from your people in the comments below. Any trend that we might be missing out on?

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